Receive and Rebound

Simples… fez mais sentido em inglês. Sorry.

Good music is JUST the music that you like. For other purpouses, is JUST music.

But, does bad music exist? Of course, but most of times people label bad taste as the taste of “the others”.

In fact, it’s not just a matter of learning to live with the contraires. It’s learning that I have the RIGHT to offend you as you have the RIGHT to be offended. Ricky Gervais Said.

Because the same line that divides us defines us. And, as a line, it’s just an invention of the human’s mind.

The exercise of openmind ourselves is the exercise of accept the other. It’s your biggest adventure, like music is humanity’s own Odyssey.

And, travel on the ship of living is hard as it shows, but good as it tastes. To taste it is to live it. But don’t be afraid of my tastes: they are as bad as yours. That is life.

So, don’t lock yourself in the closet of selfish unreason… Accept the other, and be free to receive and rebound the life as it comes to you! The results will be awesome! But, no batteries included! Enjoy. End of story.


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